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A Brief History Of Brand Hydraulics Corporation

Brand Hydraulics was founded in 1956 by Glen Brand and his wife Mary Lou in Omaha, Nebraska. Having won the 1948 Olympic Gold Medal in London, England in free-style wrestling, Glen went on to study engineering at Iowa State. Since Glenís passing in 2008 the company has been and will continue to be ran by Glen and Mary Louís only child, Greg Brand.

Brand has designed, manufactured, assembled and tested hydraulic valves for over 55 years. In 1997, Brand began to design and incorporate electronic controllers and custom wiring harnesses into their product line. Brand is strongly committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components and plans to continue developing hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and products which incorporate both (electro-hydraulics).

Many of the products Brand provides are modified to specifically fit our customersí applications and needs. Feel free to give our engineering department a call to learn more about special modifications to meet your needs.

Brand believes that a company begins with and continues to succeed based on the quality of their employees, their dedication to working as a team and their ability to achieve a common goal. Our common goal is our mission statement which reads:


Brandís professional, well educated and trained staff is looking forward to serving you in a timely manner.

Brandís investment in technology is impressive, relative to our size. We incorporate state of the art computers and manufacturing equipment in order to help realize our mission statement. Plus we just think theyíre cool!!!

Brandís commitment to quality and continuous improvement is evident in our ISO 9001 certification. Brand was certified to ISO9001:1994 in January of 2002 and has since upgraded to ISO9001:2008 With Design. Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. is our Registrar and our Certificate Number is #02.002.01.

Brandís website is comprehensive and incorporates all our detailed product information, as well as, a host of other useful information. Our website contains another website within, called "Distributorsí Commerce". This site is specifically designed, and continually growing, for our distributors.

Brand sells itís product throughout the world and enjoys exporting product to many countries.

Give Brand Hydraulics a try. We believe you will be glad you did!!!

Providing the highest quality products and services possible.
Customer satisfaction every time.
Competitive price.


Customer Service
At Brand, our well-trained and responsive staff is always ready and able to answer or help with any questions or problems you may have. No customer is too small. No question goes unanswered. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers -- before and long after the sale.

Your Brand Team of experienced personnel is willing and able to make modifications to existing products to fit your specific applications -- something other hydraulic manufacturers are not always willing to do. It's all part of going the extra mile for our customers. We expect nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance
Before we manufacture any hydraulic valve or component, it must meet the high standard the Brand name demands. We stand behind every product that leaves our doors. Each one carefully designed, tested, re-tested, checked and rechecked until we are 100% satisfied it meets stringent performance standards and exact specifications. Our advanced technology and up-to-date training assures you get the very best people putting together the very best product available.

Face To Face
We would be glad to send one of our engineers to visit you or your customers and discuss applications. We'd also be more than happy to put on a sales seminar and give you a tour of our facilities at your convenience. Just give us a call. (402) 344-4434.

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